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Spatial Awareness -v/a Limited Edition Cassette – UKUISUUS (Finland) 2020

Rowan Forestier-Walker follows up her 2011 Chocolate Monk disk Seven Is In Rhinogs Crown with further excursions into her hidden sound world. Like a fine wine in the morning.

“Recordings made in hallowed ground reveal long dormant, arcane realities”.

Instruments used: Field Recordings, Vlf radio, Foil, Sand, Crystal singing bowl, motors, copycat, Aeolian Harp, Wood stove, Frequenting animals, Frozen lake. Recorded at The Longman, South Downs, White Lake, Chalvington, East Sussex, Shaw Wood, Knotts Road, Todmorden and Dyffryn Dolman, St Tanwgs Chapel, North Wales.

Released on 31st October 2019 Chocolate Monk



The latest instalment in the Folklore Tapes canon sees the collective cast its gaze skyward – to the glittering orbs that steal their way silently across our night sky.

Ethereal Transects is a compilation album and booklet exploring the lore of celestial objects through experiments in sound and vision. Each contributor has researched a particular orb and – inspired by the tapestry of its myth and legend – fashioned an original soundscape in its likeness. The result is an audio voyage around the observable universe, stopping off at its well known landmarks – the Sun and Moon, Mercury and Venus, Mars and Jupiter, and on further, to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Accompanying us on the trip are the voices of ages past, who whisper strange-nothings in our ears about the sights we see as we traverse the inky black.

The project is presented as a ten track LP and 24 page booklet, released through the Folklore Tapes label on December 7th. The booklet includes research notes and artwork by the contributing artists, as well as an original 10 page essay by Jez Winship.

The Sun – Rob St John
Mercury – Magpahi
Venus – Mary & David (featuring Whitworth & Healey Vale Brass Band)
The Moon – Ian Humberstone
Mars – Embla Quickbeam
Jupiter – Carl Turney & Brian Campbell (Featuring Martha Turney)
Saturn – Arianne Churchman
Uranus – The Bluest Funz
Neptune – Dean McPhee
Pluto – Sam McLoughlin & Bridget Hayden

Various Artists: FTET01
Release Date – December 2019
Format – 12” Vinyl housed in screen- printed die-cut sleeve | 24 page 12” book containing essay by Jez Winship & original artwork and research notes by contributing artists.

sold out


House Sparrow Settle Back’ is a document of two successive nights of collaborative improvisation between Natalia Beylis and Embla Quickbeam, recorded live at The Magic City, Todmorden on Saturday 4th May 2019; and Beylis and Neil Campbell, recorded the previous evening at CHUNK project space in Leeds.

Utilising and processing various found tapes, field recordings and synth, the collaborative pairings weave two glistening threads of kitchen sink psychedelia, all shimmering silver evening light, warbled bird song, tape loop stretch, green moss scent, static hiss, morning hum, ritual, reflection, refraction, ferric slip, whirling wind, skittering clatter, metallic scrape, essential throb, golden flux…

Such monumental themes as existential concern, environmental stability, ecological cohabitation, the role of the Individual and the Collective, and spiritual transcendence are spun from the complex layering and deft manipulation of the humblest of sound sources.

Released on September 2019. Crow versus Crow sold out


Verdure Engraved, a free pdf arts zine & download album

2018 (2) features interviews with and work by:
including  a live improvised performance from myself and Jez Riley French from 2010.
Pheobe riley Law 
Jez riley French
Jenny Berger Myhre
Rachael Finney
Evgeniya Martirosyan
Chrystal Cherniwchan
Katarzyna Kobro
Alexandra Spence
Lizzie Klotz
Sanja Andjelkovic
Embla Quickbeam


‘Inside Memory’s Head’ Embla Quickbeam and Graham Dunning on Third Kind Records 2016. sold out


out church

 Various The Outer Church, Label: Front and Follow. 2013 sold out


gloam done screen

Split Lp with Karen Constance (smack Music seven) Label: Chocolate Monk and Tadpole Records. 2012 sold out


below the radar

Below the Radar, Various, a Quiet position edition 2. label, The Wire Magazine. 2011free


seven is


Cdr Release Label: Chocolate Monk.2011 sold out