May 2020

Colour out of Space presents Plague time Television Ep 3, (online event) my performance is a site specific sound and visual piece based in the hills of Todmorden. 24 May 2020.

Sound and Visual performance at The Old Police House, Gateshead, England (online performance) 1st May.

March 2020

The Shining Pyramid one day Symposium on The Folklore, Alchemy and Magic of Wales with particular focus on the writings of Arthur Machen, john Cowper Powys, Thomas and Henry Vaughan. Performance inspired by the writing Of Arthur Machen – 25 th March 2020 National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth – (event postponed due to Covid).

February 2020

Solo show at The Splitting The Atom Experimental – Free – Noise All Dayer 23rd Feb 2020

November 2019

Benefit at The Triangle, Shipley featuring Folklore Tapes’ David Chatton Barker & Sam McLoughlin, Embla Quickbeam, Joe Hollick, Gavin Miller and Dean McPhee 23 Nov 2019

August 2019

The DelaWare Road Music Festival, Ritual and Resistance – Salisbury Plain 17/18 Aug 19

May 2019

6 May 2019 – Live Improvisation with Natalia Beylis – Embla Quickbeam Duo and Stuart Chalmers performing at The Magic City – Todmorden.

April 2019

Performing alongside Daniel Padden and Murray Vulliamy Duo at The Triangle, Shipley on 12th April.

Sarah Angliss, Ben Gwilliam and myself performing at The Golden Lion, Todmorden 6th April.

July 2018

ASTOR 19.07.18

July 18th at The Golden Lion, Todmorden performing alongside Astor (Mark Harwood -penultimate press) LDSN and Ecka Mordecai, doors at 7pm.

hawthonn leeda 6.-7.18

Performing  with Hawthonn, Sharron Kraus and Anna Peaker 6 july at Wharf Chambers, Leeds

January 2018

Saturns day choc monk tod27.0118

Chocolate Monk play West Yorkshire, I’m performing  in the duo Lapis, on the bill with Karen Constance & Lauren Naylor, Neil Campbell, Dylan Nyoukis and Kieron Piercy and Feghoots on 27th Jan at The Golden Lion, Todmorden.

November 2017

no mind 30.11.17

Performing in Todmorden at The Golden Lion with Kneeling Coats and f Ampism 30th November 2017

June 2017

beyt al tapes 14.06.17

Performing at wharf Chambers Leeds with Beyt Al Tapes and Carrageenan, 14th June

March 2017

dave burraston 28.01.17

Performing some new work at Fuse Art Space, Bradford, alongside
David Burraston and Jez Riley French on 3rd March

February 2017

electric spring 2017

Performing some new work on 24th February at  Electric Spring Festival hosted by Bacon Jam at Huddersfield University.

January 2017 

Work begins on two soundtrack commissions, 2 short films recorded in 1970 on standard 8mm film.

December 2016

Delighted to have my Frozen Lake recordings played on Radio 3’s Late Junction

aired on Wed 14th December with Fiona Talkington.

October 2016

New album with Graham Dunning available now on Third Kind Records.

‘Inside Memory’s Head’

Handmade box comes with photo inserts, large cover print and found slide.


August 2016

A new improvising group formed with myself, Andrew Jarvis and Holly Jarvis. Using percussion, amplified objects and automation. Playing at Islington Mill, Manchester on 11th August.


June 2016


Curated by Core ist das? (Ned Wasistdas and Jorge Boehringer) an evening in the cellar of a Craft Beers in Huddersfield  with Performances by myself, Core of The Coalman and solo works by Melanie O’Dubhslaine of Ashtray Navigations on 30th of June.

human heads

Excited to be invited back to perform at Wharf Chambers on 2nd June with this fine line up of artists.

May 2016


Performing new pieces at Fuse Art Space, Bradford on the 7th May with Kostis Kilymis and Spoils and Relics



Performing in Brighton, evening curated by Kemper Norton at Marwoods Cafe 5th May.

April 2016

tod church april 16

Opening for the talented Noel Meek on tour from New Zealand, in the Glorious acoustics of Todmorden Unitarian Church, Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

March 2016

quickbeam leeds poster march 16 copy

Performing at Wharf Chambers in Leeds on 27th March as part of the all day festival of Noise, Experimental and Weird folk and Drone Musics.

November 2015

pendas fen

        Open Colour in association with Cine City present a rare 16mm viewing of Alan Clarke’s          Penda’s Fen, 1974. Introduced by writer and curator Gareth Evans, I am delighted to be opening with a set of found sounds and spectral phonics.

June 2015


In June my piece ‘bell study’ is included a One hour listening concert.  The aim is to experience various recorded works by different sound artists exploring architectural resonance. Curated by Ingrid Plum in response to the exhibition and symposium Sonority: Sound and The Urban environment at The Onca Gallery, Brighton. The University of Brighton.

The recordings of ‘BellStudy’  were taken around St Tanwg’s Church in Harlech, North Wales.

sounding meditation

Ongoing Explorative Sound group launched, I am facilitating an ongoing group meditation on 3rd June and ongoing fortnightly there after. Inviting participants to engage with listening exercises and extended vocal technique.

April 2015


live radio collage of foundsound places to underscore your personal spaces

Created and curated by Janek Schaefer

Invite to contribute to the live radio collage project Foundsoundscape of Janek Schaefer.

Thrilled to be amongst such contributing artists as Pauline Oliveros, Charlemagne Palestine Annea Lockwood, Hildegard Westerkamp, Christina Kubisch, William Basinski, Taylor Deupree, Phill Niblock, Brian Eno, Chihei Hatakeyama, Stephen Vitiello, Chris Watson and Mike Weis, is an online radio station that streams live 24hours a day, which can now be broadcast to people all over the globe. Using over 1000 calm & curious location recordings captured by 100+ recordists, the sounds were simply edited, and then played back three at a time at various volumes in shuffle mode, and the result is never the same twice.

The project is going to be installed at Transmission Arts, Wave Farm, Acra, NY in the summer in a Airstream bus.


An ongoing collaboration between myself and Andrew Jarvis, a duo under the name Lapis will be performing at Cerebellum in Hastings. A cross over of artists from London and the South East with the aim of bringing ‘confusion to the senses’, a huge line up, with an Exhibition and workshops over the weekend. The first part of the event is in london and concluding in Hastings.


Lapis is an improvising duo of Andrew Jarvis and myself who perform using a heady mix of found and adapted sonorous objects, DIY electronics, haptic tape manipulation, field recordings and home built sound making devices to create immersive sound environments that  play with space and perception, for this performance we will be working with warped visual loops.




On Sunday 5th April myself and Graham Dunning will play our second live performance at Splitting The Atom XXV. The first time we played together was in February 2013, also in Brighton.

An ongoing project that was realised as a performative installation at CORRESPONDENCE 2015. We have been swapping sounds in cassette format through the post – each recording one track and sending them back – and also various objects, paper and ephemera to influence each others’ recording choices. For the performance we’ll use these sounds and collage them into a new piece.

In 2013 when we played we’d never met and didn’t really know what to expect of each other – we both enjoyed the set and the way our sounds worked together. In the spirit of that performance we aren’t rehearsing for this one either; we’ll just turn up and play.

March 2015

Invited to contribute sounds to  The New Bergen Sound Archive by Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols from Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, for  Bergen Kunsthall and Borealis 2015, they will establish an archive of recorded sounds from Bergen and elsewhere during a one-month residency. The archive will comprise field recordings, found sounds, donated sounds, and actions in spaces, taking the form of an audio cassette library and sound installation and serving as source material for a new multi-channel performance piece for improvisers.Presented in collaboration with Bergen Kunsthall.


Borealis is a festival for experimental music. A place where that celebrates the music that falls between the gaps. A place for adventurous listening.

Bringing together new musical experiments from Bergen, Norway and around the world, Borealis occupies the city for 5 days each March, taking over the art galleries, concert halls and warehouse spaces, with concerts, installations, talks and films. Borealis works with living composers, sound artists, improvisers and musicians, to develop projects that rearrange the furniture of the musical world, to question our assumptions about what music is and where it can go.  Not sticking to one type or genre of music, but open the doors to the most adventurous and innovative music makers to bring us something new.

Borealis is open for everybody; for the first time listener to the seasoned musicologist, from the very smallest to the oldest and wisest. At Borealis we are all exploring together.


Bergen Barokk
Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester
Bergen Nasjonale Opera
Bergen Kunsthall
Bergens Kammermusikkforening
BIT20 Ensemble
Den Nasjonale Scene
Edvard Grieg Kor
Ny Musikk Bergen
Sjøforsvarets musikkorps
Collegiûm Mûsicûm Kor og Orkester

Chair of the Board: Hild Borchrevink

Board members: Ståle Tvete Vollan, Julie Lillelien Porter, Hans Knut Sveen, Sigurd Sandmo

Vara: Åse Løvgren, Erik Aarebrot, Knut Vaage

February 2015

In a collaboration with London based sound artist Graham Dunning, we exchanged a series of tapes through the post, each recording one sound then posting to the other person to add another on another track – each cassette had 4 tracks so we added 2 layers each. Along with the tapes we exchanged extracts of writing, found objects, photos and other ephemera – not in any attempt at direct communication but to try to inform the feel or overall direction of the recordings. An installation of these objects and sounds will  run through the duration of the exhibition , inviting visitors to play with the sounds and handle the objects.  I will also be performing with the sounds at the opening party.


CORRESPONDENCE is an exhibition taking place across real and virtual platforms, exploring how new technologies can promote the accessibility of the arts and change our idea of a public space.

Fourteen artists are working together to make an exhibition at Prestamex House which will be mirrored by a virtual version in Second Life. This version, which can be explored online, will run in parallel but need not be constrained by the laws of physical reality; the real exhibition will also appear on the internet in a second iteration relayed back by a roaming spybot. Echoing and complementing one another, the various versions of the show each have properties that the other lacks

When exchange happens virtually, something physical still traverses the distance; our minds construct connections and worlds of meaning from the physical reality that we perceive. This group of artists will be exploring ideas of exchange, collaboration and representation, and their planning and discussion of the theme will itself be an integral part of the show.

We invite you to investigate these territories with us, either in the reclaimed office space that is the hub of the show, or online at

Supported by IdeasTap and Artwerx


November 2014

Solo Performance at Cafe Oto with Ewa Justika, Luke Jordan, Pascal Savy, Grapefruits and Laid eyes (film Projection) with electric Knife Records.

cafe oto nov 14

September 2014

21st September – Solo Performance at The Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton with Antti Tolvi, Ampism/Dylan Nyoukis Duo.

antti tolvi show sept 14

13th september – Solo Site specific performance and Duo (lapis) performance  Fort process, Newhaven Fort, East sussex


August 2014

29th – 31st August – A Quiet Position, curated by Jez Riley French; a woodland installation at End of The Road festival accompanying artists Jez Riley French, Chris Watson, Julia Holter, Jana Winderen, Signe Liden, Dawn Scarfe, Kiyoshi Miztani, Sawato,Amy Newton,Fiona Sally Miller, Peter Toll, Anne Gutherie

aqp road

No MInd Transmissions

An ongoing collaboration with sound artist Andrew Jarvis, creating a round the clock live transmission of the environmental soundscape from above and below the lake. Augmented by monthly live guest improvisation. Mapping the relationship, mediated through sound, between living beings and their environment.